About Us

"We help podcasters grow their podcast by increasing discoverability and creating content to build an audience on social media."
Patrick Müller Founder LemonSpeak

Who We Are

My name is Patrick and I'm the founder of LemonSpeak. I've been a software engineer for over ten years and have been working at SAP as a Machine Learning Engineer for quite some time. I've always loved listening to podcasts and audio. The only thing I always missed was text, which might sound controversial at first. However, depending on the subject of the podcast, it can be very useful to be able to go back to a transcript and re-read passages. It was the lack of this feature that gave me the idea for LemonSpeak.

Founding Story

While developing the transcription software, we saw that many podcasters were struggling to grow their podcasts despite having great content. We experienced how competitive the podcasting space is and how small podcasts struggle to get more listeners. That's when we took LemonSpeak and made it a tool to generate marketing content from your podcast to help it grow.

Our Location

We are based in Germany, in the southern part of the country, very close to the city Freiburg im Breisgau and to France and Switzerland.

How To Use LemonSpeak

Not only is podcasting very competitive, but podcasts also have the challenge of being discoverable. A search engine will have difficulty indexing the content of your podcast if you only upload your audio file. There are many things to do in the beginning and we believe that talking to your listeners and working on your content and audio quality is the most important. That's your foundation and it should be solid. Once you have traction and know what people like, you have mastered the first pillar and can move on to the next: Increase discoverability and build social media accounts with followers.
Social media is time consuming. Creating, searching, engaging, posting, etc. Most people don't have the time to do it. With LemonSpeak, you can save time growing your audience. LemonSpeak takes your episode and generates content that you can use for SEO and social media. Trying to do too many things in the beginning can take the fun out of it. Start with the foundation and move on to building your audience. That's my advice to you. Of course, you are free to use LemonSpeak from the very beginning if you can't wait to build your audience and get the SEO benefits. We can't wait working with you.

If you have any questions you can either email us or send us a message on any social media platform we're on.