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Upload episodes to your dashboard

Get an overview of which episodes have been processed and which are still outstanding

Upload your episode to your dashboard as an mp3 file. Once uploaded, you decide when you want to process it.
Depending on the length of your podcast the turnaround can be a bit longer. You always know at which step of the processing your podcast is.
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Copy-paste ready content

Minimalistic design. Click on a tab and your results are ready for you to copy and paste.

Once you have started the process, your results will appear one by one as content in a tab.
Tweets and SEO-optimised titles will have different suggestions so you can choose the one you like best.
Start engaging your audience with a blog post about your episode and show notes that include key highlights, guests, action steps, listener challenge and a clear call to action.
Use Q&A + Polls to pose a questions or a poll to your fans and add it to your episode. Collect feedback to know what your listeners like or dislike.

Supported Languages

LemonSpeak supports creating content from your podcast in the following languages



Voice To Text

Automated Transcription

Quickly turn your podcast's spoken words into accurate text. Ideal for blog posts, show notes, or making content accessible for all listeners, including those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, non-native speakers, or prefer reading.

Automated Transcription
Speaker Diarization

Know Who Speaks When

Speaker Diarization

LemonSpeak distinguishes and labels different voices in your podcast transcript, enhancing listener comprehension and simplifying editing and reviewing by clearly marking who said what and when.

Create The Gist


LemonSpeak creates a podcast summary that is perfect for sharing on social media. It helps you attract a wider audience by making your content more shareable and easily digestible.

Show Notes

Engage With Your Listeners

Podcast Show Notes

Boost listener engagement with strong show notes. Enhance your podcast's visibility, provide enriching content, and deepen audience interaction. Turn your podcast into an immersive, searchable experience that drives audience loyalty and growth.

Optimized For SEO

Powerful Episode Titles

Episode titles are often neglected, even though they add a lot of value. Not just for SEO, but also for users. A strong episode title will help you attract potential listeners and get search engines to index your podcast. If a user is not sure what the episode is about, they will not tune in.

SEO Titles
Social Media

Match Your Personal Style

Generate Social Media Articles

Social media is difficult and time-consuming. As a result, you can generate a whole article about your podcast and then post it. To make it sound like you, our AI mimics your style. Even better: If you have multiple guests, each guest can create an article based on their opinions and the topics covered in the podcast.

Build Your Audience

Tweet it. X it.

Articles are just the beginning when it comes to social media. Create tweets to build your audience on Twitter. Choose a style, enable or disable emoticons and hashtags. You are in complete control.

Social Media

Collect Feedback

Generate Q&A + Polls

With Q&A + polls you can include open-ended questions and closed-ended questions, also called polls, to your podcast. The questions will appear interactively for listeners within the Spotify app, allowing them to engage directly with your content. This feature not only fosters audience participation but also provides valuable insights and feedback, helping you tailor future episodes to your audience's interests and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unable to find the answer to your specific question? Contact us by emailing us.

How can a transcript improve discoverability?
A podcast transcript is a text version of your podcast that makes your podcast more accessible and discoverable. This means you improve your SEO, which is important for search engines to find you.
Can I edit the transcript after it's generated?
LemonSpeak currently does not offer in-line editing capabilities, but you can copy and paste the transcript to your local device for any modifications. In-line editing is a feature we plan to implement in the near future.
How does it help me to grow my podcast?
LemonSpeak generates more content from your podcast. Podcast marketing and podcast promotion can be challenging, which is why the results can be distributed through your preferred social media channels. Podcasting is competitive, so it's crucial to leverage every opportunity available.
How does it work?
The process is simple. You just need to upload your podcast episode as an MP3 file, specify the language, title, and guests, and LemonSpeak will process the audio file. The turnaround time depends on the length of the episode and the number of speakers involved, ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour.
What do I get?
By using LemonSpeak, you will receive a transcript of the episode, a diarized transcript that differentiates between speakers, a summary, SEO-optimized titles, show notes, and a blog post.
How are payments processed?
We process payments through Stripe, a trusted and secure payment processor that ensures the safe storage of sensitive information.
Why do you offer only social login?
We prioritize internet security, which is why we currently offer only social login options. Social logins are more secure than passwords, as weak passwords are sometimes chosen. Rest assured that we will be expanding our login options to include additional providers in the future.
What languages do you support?
English and German.
Is LemonSpeak only for podcasts, or can it be used for other types of audio content?
LemonSpeak is primarily designed for podcast content creation, offering features such as show notes, SEO titles, and blog posts. However, the diarized transcription and the summary functionality are not limited to podcasts and can also be used with other types of audio content.

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